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Suggest vendor payment is the easiest and safest way to create journal in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To suggest the payment lines in payment journal window we can use Suggest Vendor Payments batch job. Suggestion is given based on setting during the suggest vendor payment batch job execution.

Follow the given step to create payment lines using suggest vendor payment:

  1. Go to Payment Journal and select appropriate Batch (in our case Default)
  2. Then select Suggest Vendor Payment from ribbon
         Payment Journal > Suggested Vendor Payments
  3. Enter the criteria as per required in Options tab
    1. Last Payment Date: (TODAY) invoices up to this date will be included i.e. Purchase invoices which Due Date is up to this date
    2. Summarize per Vendor: (No – Unchecked) to summarize all entries to one line
    3. Posting Date: enter appropriate date
    4. Starting Document No.: enter appropriate number
    5. Bal. Account Type: Bank Account
    6. Bal. Account No.: Bank number
      (Enter these criteria and ignore other fields.)
  4. Enter filter criteria as per required in Vendor tab
    1. No.: vendor number
  5. Press OK

After doing this it will generate journal lines, now verify it and do further processing (like Posting, check print and payment or electrical payment).

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