research design

What is Research Design?

Research Design What is a Research Design? Research Design is the procedural outline for every research activity and is an initial phase of research. Research design is the overall operational pattern or framework of the project. Research designs focuses what information is to be collected from which sources and by which procedures. In other word


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – Overview and Features

Q: What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016? A: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is a new and improved business management solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs) organizations that automates and streamlines business processes. Release Date of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 on 5th October 2015. Microsoft unveiled some

how to import data from sql to excel

How to Import data from SQL to Excel – step by step tutorial

Q. How to import data from SQL to Excel? A. By using Excel Data Connection feature we can import data from SQL server easily and efficiently. This step-by-step guide describes how to import data from a database that is included with Microsoft SQL Server into Microsoft Excel in the form of table or pivot table.