What is Research Design?

Research Design

What is a Research Design?

Research Design is the procedural outline for every research activity and is an initial phase of research. Research design is the overall operational pattern or framework of the project. Research designs focuses what information is to be collected from which sources and by which procedures. In other word research design is a general statement of the methods that are used while doing the research.

Some other concept of research designs or design research are:

  • Research desing is activity and time-based plan
  • Research map is blueprint or road-map followed to complete research study
  • Researches design is methods and procedures for acquiring information needed for research
  • Research drawing is plan based on research question
  • Research pattern is a guide for selecting source and type of information
  • Research designs is a guide in collecting and analyzing of the data to get proper solution

A Research designs must contain

  1. A clear statement of research problem
  2. Procedure and techniques used for gathering information
  3. Population studied and
  4. Methods used in processing and analyzing data.
research design

what is research designs?


Why do we need research blueprint or design?

Research design furnishes a clear idea as to the activities that would need undertaken in order to achieve the research objectives.

  • To collect data economically and by objectives
  • To guide the research in proper way
  • To provide the relevant, efficient and proper result of research
  • To provide direction to computation and process to arrive proper solution and recommendation

So before beginning the research we should have to do proper research plan so that we could get the proper result from the research.

Next we will discuss about:

  • Types of research plan/design
  • method of preparing blueprint for the research
  • preparing questionnaires for the research
  • proper research desing
  • example of research design
  • factors affecting the preparation of the blueprint of research


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